1.2.2 Release

Well, I made a little uh oh and left the "Unlock Everything" cheat on by default for the 1.2.1 update. Let me just slip in this new fix real quick. :S

Sorry about that.


- Fixed the "Unlock Everything" developer cheat that was enabled by default for all users new to the game.


Fun with Ragdolls.dmg 136 MB
Sep 14, 2019
Fun with Ragdolls Setup.exe 119 MB
Sep 14, 2019

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Is there gonna be a new update?

do you have to buy the update??



Good afternoon. Tell me where to download worlds or save cards of other players. I can build it myself but I saw very cool cards. Tell me please where to get them

The discord, The code is NrxaCW6

To find the folder search, "Jadon Barnes" in your File Explorer. If you don't have a "Worlds" Folder make one, then place the world files into the Worlds folder.


Добрый день. Подскажите где можно скачать миры или сохранить карты других игроков. Я могу сделать это сам, но я видел очень крутые карты. Скажите , пожалуйста , где их можно получить

thank you so much :D im pretty sure everyone has been wanting a game like this


do I have to buy it O__O


Yeah, my dad bought me!

wait mines says its version 1.2.0