1.2.0 Release

Thank you all again and again for your interest and support towards Fun with Ragdolls: The Game!  I'm working hard to add a lot of features people are requesting. If you feel something is missing or the game is lacking in a certain area, don't worry! I'm adding more! This update is critical for moving forward and expand the game with new features and game modes!

Please bear with me! It's just me working on this.

Important Notes!

WORLD FILES below 1.2.0 are no longer compatible with this and future version! If you are someone who's in the middle of building a world for the purpose of a YouTube video, continue using the version you have, then update when you decide to create a new world!


  • New Item: Flag Spawner
    • Stupids
    • Followers
    • Attackers
  • Added World Settings
    • Lock Spawn
    • Color Code Ragdolls
    • Don't Touch Ground
  • Smart Ragdolls go into Ragdoll Mode when there is no ground to walk on.
  • World saves now store spawn rotation data.
  • Ragdolls can now (attempt) to run on flat glass panels.
  • Added rotation indicators on rotating levers


  • New data structure for world saves. Old world saves are no longer compatible with this version and up!
  • Updated disclaimer during intro sequence.
  • Road Cross mini-game is now more difficult. You're welcome ;)
  • Minor performance improvements for Smart Ragdolls.


  • Fixed ragdolls falling through floor when getting out of Build Mode.
  • Fixed collision clipping with Convex Corner build items.
  • Black Holes no longer pull objects while in Build Mode.
  • Smart Ragdolls now work in the Tower explorer world.


Fun with Ragdolls Setup.exe 119 MB
Sep 11, 2019
Fun with Ragdolls.dmg 136 MB
Sep 11, 2019

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why is it have to be usd and why is faster here but on steam we have to wait 4 days WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey jadon could only buy it for $16.99 for some reason wouldn't let me go higher so enjoy the extra also YA DON'T RAGDOLL ABUSE US ON DISCORD


my wife left me and took the kids....

super excited for the game!!!


6 hours ????? wow, this is fast :|

8 hours why :(

i gota wait its only 12 h                   pls by 2h      PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours from now, atleast where I'm from.


you do a giant job and I say congratulations! I hope to buy your game tomorrow


Quick question, will the game be free at released?


Please tell me this was sarcasm.

Sadly no its 12.99$

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He spent a while making this, he needs to earn his buck :P

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thanks sirs i got 50 dollars of birthday money, but im using it for splatoon 2

sorry kiddies