A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


You're a ragdoll! What's the point of the game? Do what a ragdoll be meant to do and flop, fall, or crash on to things and get points by doing so! Don't be nervous!

Game Modes

  • Sandbox
    Build worlds for you and your ragdolls! Choose from a collection of canons, black holes, giant fans, ragdolls (obviously), explosives, lasers, and much more!
  • Mini-Games
    They're basically mini-adventures that you can win and lose from!
  • Explorer
    Out of ideas for what to build? Want to dive right in without having to create from scratch? Explorer offers pre-built environments!


Change the look of your ragdoll from an assortment of skins and faces that you can unlock as you progress through the game!

Animated Series

This game is based off the animated series "Fun with Ragdolls". Ragdolls are thrown into a random series of events and scenarios that make for some great eye candy!

Original Music

Fun with Ragdolls: The Game not only sets the bar for ragdoll games as a whole, but takes that bar, finds another bar, then welds them together with pure magical goodness by introducing original music that sets this game to a new level of quality! 


Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1142500

Discord: https://discord.gg/NrxaCW6

Support Email: funwithragdolls@post.com

If you've encountered an issue/bug in the game, please send a report to: https://www.jadonbarnes.com/fwrtg-bug-report

I'm not responsible for what you do in the game. If you blow up your computer because you added more items than what it can handle, that's entirely your fault.

Updated 3 hours ago
Published 16 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date 3 days ago
AuthorJadon Barnes
Made withUnity, Logic Pro, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D
Tags3D, Physics, physics-game, ragdoll, ragdoll-game, ragdoll-physics, ragdoll-physics-game, ragdolls, Sandbox
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


This game is currently unavailable

Development log


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I bought the game through itch.io and I’m trying to get the steam key for this game but it is not appearing. Please help.

Is there gonna be custom levels made by other people? (STEAM WORKSHOP)

I hope there is because I don't want to make all the courses myself.









I can't wait for an update

dis gam is amazing I likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(for the creator of this game) this game runs good but it kinda lags alot so ya i need help


just decrease the resolution and make it windowed, it REALLY helps

so ive seen some youtubers use otehr peoples map is that a feature comming? 


it's already a feature, just download maps and import them and you can play them


now say no u


shut up bad time


wait wait I messed up hold on




reply if 

u want dat to happen

Add pls Wrecking balls and swords guns and T.Rex from fun with ragdolls 3

not sure if guns will be added, i think jadon wants to keep this family friendly as possible




get no ued




no u


vin shut up

(1 edit) (-1)



reply if 

u want dat to happen



and AND pls and swords guns and T.Rex from fun with ragdolls 3

I'm level 15 by the way


will ya do that Jadon

and won thing add dual lazas is one cannon actually dual cubes and dual mines for manual and target player and target ragdoll AND -breathes very hard- for auto shoot :)

dis game amazing

Hoi Mr. Jadon, my birthday is on the 16 can i get this game for free? :))

i has to wait 2 moar days for the game cuz i only has steam money lol


When it comes out in Steam, will I have to buy it again?

If you would like to own the game on Steam, I suggest waiting until Tuesday. Steam keys will not be provided via itch.io.

o rlly?

Do i have to redownload the game for the updates?

Jadon does this game get updated at the same time as the steam version or will i have to download the steam one?


yo jadon i just bought the game, i have been waiting since 2 months

I said yo jadon first MAH COMMENT NOW


Yo jadon if you see this post, can you maybe add multiplayer? (like in the future)

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