1.1.0 Release

Wow! This game has gotten incredible reception from you all! Thank you so much for all the support!

I've noticed some annoying glitches and inconveniences while watching YouTubers play the game and I've worked vigorously to fix them as quickly as possible. These changes restructure the progression system and make the game more fun to play overall.


  • New Item: Canon, Target Ragdoll
  • New Item: Fracturable Pillar
  • Attacker Ragdolls in the Road Cross mini-game
  • Icons along side Canons in the Build Item Menu
  • Text that displays world save location in the Sandbox menu


  • Static poles no longer toggle Ragdoll Mode
  • Reorganized Build Item Menu
  • Removed Build Item Limit entirely
  • Lowered level goals for some items.
  • Updated Hammer design
  • Updated Stair design
  • Improved performance when adding ragdolls to your scene


  • Fixed Fans that wouldn't toggle Ragdoll Mode for the player and Smart Ragdolls
  • Fixed consistent red placeholder when the Unlimited Items cheat is enabled
  • Fixed automatic jumping when moving down an inclined surface


Fun with Ragdolls.dmg 138 MB
Sep 05, 2019
Fun with Ragdolls Setup.exe 121 MB
Sep 05, 2019

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Por favor Jadon Barnes que el juego sea gratis mis padres no me dejan comprar juegos virtuales y este juego se volvio mi favorito y ni siquiera lo he probado solo hazme un favor si.